The way it is

I’m actually really glad things turned out the way it is. I’m glad i made that decision back then. Of course i was disappointed with how things ended, but i’m in no place to ponder about it because it was my decision after all. But honestly, i can say with confidence that i’m glad. Really really glad. Not because i was unhappy, but because i could see the relationship slowly becoming obsessive, on both sides. It was becoming a point where the relationship wasn’t going to be a happy (on my side at least). It was coming to the point where we were both gonna suffer.

Like what everyone says, you’re in your twenties. Old enough to make wise decisions, but young enough to learn from mistakes. It was my 1st relationship after all, so it’ll serve as a benchmark for me in the future.

Do i feel nostalgic? All the time. Nothing more. I’m quite surprised with the progression of my emotions, to be able to feel this way after half a year. I was very much in love, that i can be sure of. But who knows, you know? I don’t have anything to compare it to. I’ve always tried to not say out what i really feel about all this, always somehow hinting on my Twitter, because i didn’t want it to seem like the whole relationship was nothing to me. It was everything. First relationship, first kiss, first everything. I guess that’s why i’m writing this, to just let out what i really feel and stop pondering about it. I’m at a stage where i’m happy with where things are going at the moment.

SO ANYWAYS, I’ve officially finished my 2nd year of uni! Time really does fly as you get older. By this time next year, i would be graduating (well, if i don’t fail any units that is). How surreal is that?

I’ve recently started my UNPAID internship here. Gotta say, enjoying it much more than the one i did in KL. They give me so much more work to do, and they actually guide me through stuff. As opposed to the KL one where they didn’t bother with me at all and i just sat there like an empty vase. Here are some pictures of where i’m interning at! 😀



Stay tuned for more ramblings from your one and only derp queen. 😉