Spring is here in Melbourne

Well technically, Spring came to Melbourne a month ago, but i needed a nice title so LOL.

Once again, so sorry for the lack of updates. Really need to get my writing mojo back. I’ll probably blog more when i start my internship here HAHA

OH YEAH, I GOT AN INTERNSHIP OFFER HERE IN MELBOURNE. After the tons of e-mails i sent out (seriously, like 40 over, and my mom wanted me to send out even more), with ONE, MEASLY ONE positive reply, i got this UNPAID internship opportunity. I know, i know, it’s all about the experience, but it would really be lovely if i could at least get paid a little ;-;

Yep, with the internship here, it means i’m only going back to Malaysia in the middle on Jan. Which also means i won’t be able to see my friends who are studying in UK. ;-; Such is life. Let’s hope this time around will be a great internship experience (let’s not delve into the previous one ey)!


Since spring is here, have a picture of a flower i took using my new Sony Nex-5r interchangeble lens camera (which i named Chanyeol, cause my phone is Kyungsoo and my Macbook is Jinki lololol). Really satisfied with my camera teehee.

Until next time!




Sometimes i wonder, what is my worth in this big, beautiful world with vast opportunities, none of which possesses the eagerness that is desire? Nothing. I don’t have an aim in life.

New Beginnings

Hello readers (if i have any lol),

I’ve officially moved by blog to WordPress! (previously at tumbledbutterflies.blogspot.com) I just thought, new beginnings might as well have a complete new blog itself? Plus, i didn’t like the newer interface in Blogspot, so i thought i would give WordPress a try 🙂

Hey everyone!

I know it’s been a while since i’ve been a avid blogger, but i’m trying to get back into the gear! I’m trying to make this kind of a picture/drawing blog, so expect some drawing/picture of random stuff in my head or i’ve come across when i’m out walking or something along those lines. 🙂 So anyways, today, i’ve just handed in my last assignment of the semester, officially ending the 1st sem of my 2nd year at uni!Image(a quick drawing on my tablet. 1st time using it on my mac, all the settings were different lol)

This sem’s subjects were terrifying, in a sense where it was all research-based subjects which i absolutely loath. Plenty of reports, essays and presentations. And the workload was massive too, just the past 3 weeks i had 10+ assignments due almost back to back. It was insane. Which is why i feel so so relieved when i handed my last assignment of the sem this afternoon (had to walk just to drop it in the assignment drop box). It was a rough couple of weeks for me, but hey, i made it through? 🙂 For me to be writing this anyways hahaha

Can’t say i’m not scared for my results. Did pretty sucky in a few of my assignments. I just hope i can pull through the Strategy Planning unit because i do not intend in repeating that unit as it is the worst unit i’ve ever taken (it’s too long for me to elaborate. let’s just say, bad unit structure and bad lecturer). Praying for just 1 HD, others can be a PA, i wouldn’t even care less. As long as there’s 1 HD. 😦

How’s life for a girl that is newly single for about a month? It’s been good so far. I’m actually at a stage where i’m quite content with the way my life is going at the moment. Not the best, but nonetheless still content. I probably won’t think about love, romance stuff in general because honestly? I like being alone, somehow. No worries, we’re still on good terms, so it’s not a complete loss. The 1st few weeks were hard, getting used to and whatnot, but things are great for me at the moment. 🙂 I know the reason for breaking up was the ‘physical presence’ of the relationship being absent, but having so much alone time and thinking really made me have a new perspective on my life. This is the life where i’m truly independent.

Sue Yin and I have been rigorously planning for a Japan trip next year, which means saving a lot of money an perhaps working part time to get that extra cash. I honestly can’t wait though, it has been a dream to go back to Japan, alone where we can explore with whatever time we have, no constrictions. This is actually something that i can see happening, not just those empty words of ‘oh, we must go for a holiday! we must get together!’. Sue Yin and i are pretty determined.

Exo’s Wolf is my current jam. Haven’t been addicted to a song like this since SHINee’s Lucifer. The XOXO (Kiss&Hug) album (album name could’ve been SO MUCH BETTER) is great. Been hearing on repeat since it was released today, even as i’m typing this post HAHAHA. Been really out of touch with K-Pop lately, so i guess Exo has made me jump back onto the bandwagon. Though not as crazy as the high school days with Sabina and Melissa. Man, i love reminiscing those times.

I still don’t have an aim in life. My short-run aim is of course the Japan trip, but what happens after that? Do i see myself working what i’m studying? Perhaps. But will i like it? No idea. I’m not completely loving whatever i’m doing now, but if not this then what? It’ll be a neverending loop, unless i really know what i want. Which i don’t. So, meh.

WELL, this concludes the 1st post (THAT TEST POST DOESN’T COUNT) on my new blog 🙂 Though i doubt anyone will read this hahahha. This marks my comeback to the blogging world! (Well, i hope it’s not a fad)

Until the next time! xx