There are no fruits to bear

Sometimes, you work and you work but somehow, the results you get isn’t on par to the amount of work you put in, it really just makes one feel like the worst loser in the world. Especially when you see the people surrounding you doing so well, it really is heartbreaking. Is it my lack talent? Is it my lack of being intuitive? Or is it just me in general? Somehow or rather, it seems no matter how hard i try, fruits are not bearing.


So why do i even bother trying?


Spring is here in Melbourne

Well technically, Spring came to Melbourne a month ago, but i needed a nice title so LOL.

Once again, so sorry for the lack of updates. Really need to get my writing mojo back. I’ll probably blog more when i start my internship here HAHA

OH YEAH, I GOT AN INTERNSHIP OFFER HERE IN MELBOURNE. After the tons of e-mails i sent out (seriously, like 40 over, and my mom wanted me to send out even more), with ONE, MEASLY ONE positive reply, i got this UNPAID internship opportunity. I know, i know, it’s all about the experience, but it would really be lovely if i could at least get paid a little ;-;

Yep, with the internship here, it means i’m only going back to Malaysia in the middle on Jan. Which also means i won’t be able to see my friends who are studying in UK. ;-; Such is life. Let’s hope this time around will be a great internship experience (let’s not delve into the previous one ey)!


Since spring is here, have a picture of a flower i took using my new Sony Nex-5r interchangeble lens camera (which i named Chanyeol, cause my phone is Kyungsoo and my Macbook is Jinki lololol). Really satisfied with my camera teehee.

Until next time!