A tad bit out of touch

I apologize for leaving this blog so deserted. But rest assured, when my new camera arrives, there’ll be more photo post! This i promise! 😀

Uni, while work load is not as intense this sem, but the intensity of the work itself is much more (i hope that was understandable). Finding an internship is a pain in the ass too, especially when most of your friends have secured one while i scurry around to find one. I’ve tried my best, having sent over 40 e-mails out. 1 replied with a ‘sort of’ positive tune, but i’ll need to meet with the Creative Director first. Oh, and it’s the same company when i was doing my job experience in KL. My luck with this company -__-

So anyways, here’s a picture i took quite a while back. One of the things i enjoy of Melbourne sunsets.Image